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    Tournaments » 2006 Kyokushin World Cup in Australia
Team Russo has arrived at the Entertainment Center
Sempai and heavy weight fighter Pat
Downtown Sydney
Sempai trains holding up falling buildings
Breakfast at out regular spot, Bella Ciao Cafe
We found our training spot....Bondi beach!!!
A little run to start off
Some shadow boxing in the water!!
A little stretching with Mel!!!
And the real hard core training began.
Justin shaves his head before the fights.
Street entertainment...really cool.
Sempai and Pat chilling by the Opera house
Stefania enjoying the boat ride.
Sempai is saving the boy scouts from the big bad dragon
This roo was posing for stefania
This is how the boys got home if they lost.
Huh forgot about not funny!!!
Hold on..let me clean up...the place is a mess.
Hey kid...would you by any chance have any butter?
I'm not going up way hose!!
Justin was being lowered into the cave.
Don't feed the Canadians please.
Team Canada at full force
Team Canada walking in.
All fighters ready to rumble.
Justin begins his warm up routine.
Pat waiting for his turn.
Pat vs Austalia
Justin after his fight....not very happy
Pat in action
Pat pushes on
Pat and sempai discuss the fight.
The long walk to the Arena
Russo Dojo with Kancho and his wife
No explanation needed.
Sempai, Pat and Shihan Borza from Hungary
Sempai, Pat and Shihan Taylor from Australia
Pat with Hungarian heavy weight champion
World champion Monelle vs Australia for gold
The action continues.
Sempai with old rival & buddy from Japan Tatsuya Katakai
Kyokushin buddies
Stef and Monelle
Sempai and stef with Monelle and Naomi
Team Canada after the event.
Russo Dojo and Japanese team
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