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Just tell me where to go already.
Fun times at the Russo Dojo
Kumite time
More fighting
Working the mitts
The mighty one
Can I get a closer look inside the camera?
Adam perfects his moves
Sparring as usual
Sempai showing Adam good stuff
Kata perfection
I'm not mad, I'm just serious about karate
Yes yes...this is my good side.
I hope my mom is taping my cartoons.
Ichi Ni San.....
Chloe power....
Russo Dojo Junior team
I know...I know...I'm cute!!
A punch with a smile
Can we be friends?
Sensei demonstrating a technique
Are we done yet?
We can do it too
Follow me
Tough man
Fighting hard
Burpies! Our favourite...not!
Are you looking at me?
Iron fist
I may be small but you can't push me around
Free shoulder massage
Do I look okay?
Wuz up?
Brady & Haim
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