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This is adriano's poker face.
Joe russo drops by to watch the game.
Sempai watches for cheaters.......:)
Special "K" and the lightweight fighter Justin
I would say dominic has a good hand!!!
Talk about serious players.
Future full contact fighter Joey G comes by to say hello
Rory knows he's won this hand.
Stef and Special "K"
Food was great.
Lina guarding the bank.
Who will win this hand......could it be Lena?
The only female players Lena, teaches the boys how to play.
Lee helps us as we close the night.
Just like on TV.
Come on baby....come on....give me an Ace!!
Paul & Roy know when to holdem...and know when to foldem.
Down to the last table.
Lee deals for the last 2 players of the tournament.
1st place Mike, 2nd place Roy...and 3rd place Paul
2nd place winner Roy and team Russo
Grand champion Mike Russo and Team Russo fighters.
3rd place winner Paul with the Russo fighters.
4th place winner
5th place winner and great buddy Rory with team Russo.
Justin and kid brother.
Sempai watches his bro Mike as he makes his move.
Poker players had a great time.
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