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    Russo Dojo Events » Russo Dojo at Eggspectations for supper
Team Russo just chilling
Adriano's winning ticket
Pat and Justin happy as usual.
Justin and buddies
Justin and proud dad
Nothing to see here...move along
Mike and Nath.
Taz and sister Naomi.
Justin and bud "B" man
Jacob and Pat.......good food huh!!!
I think we'll have a blast in Australia.
Australia has no idea what will hit them.
Fantastic 4 going to Australia
Brian making a call....can you hear me now??
Mama & Papa Mancini
Do I hear 20$...anyone?
Sempai models a fur scarf......kinda soft!!
I have no idea how I'll win this idea!!
Mia and Greg fed the Russo Dojo well....very well.
Russo dojo junior fighters were bartending
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