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Training hard
The before picture
The after picture
The Royama schools
Both sensei's sharing ideas
Sempai Stef and sensei Guy
Sempai Jacob says..maybe if I jump
Sempai Stef and World Champion Monelle
Sensei and Sempai Nowlan
Both sensei's collide
Sempai Pat
Sensei and student
Man he's big...but what a guy
Sensei Guy hits like a ton of bricks...osu
Still going
A little tired now.
Can I help you?
A nice meal the night before.
The fights go on.
Sensei Junior gives Sempai stef her belt.
How would you like it??
oooops...did I do that??
Sempai Stef fighting
Mawashi to the leg
Sempai Stefania
Sempai fighting the big man
Sempai Pat.
Sempai Pat
Sempai Pat still
The end of Sempais fights
Upper cut
Still punching
Inside kick
Sensei and sempai
Chudan Mawashi
punching away
Sensei and sempai watch pat fight his way to shodan
The kick is launched
Over hand punch
Sensei is proud of his sempais
Sensei takes 2 min to thank and sensei Ray and his Team
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