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    Russo Dojo Events » Texas holdem classic 2007
Players settle in
High school buddy Patrick joins the competition as sensei watches on
Brigitte, the only female player who realy showed the boys.
Evan, the youngest players was a serious threat.
Adriano's poker face....LOL
Sensei testing the espresso machine
Kid brother dino, the fight coach player
Sempai and David having fun in the ring.
They say they are wrestling...I'm not sure.
Final table with the magic man himself....The sultan
sensei's nephew hits the bags while the players play
sensei messing around with his nephew, stop for a pose while wrestling
Jabrone gets sensei in the rear naked choke....Tapping out
The final three
3rd place winner
2nd and 1st place winners
Heavyweight fighter sempai Pat tries to win it all.
Penny says...this is my good side.....cheese!!!
The game takes a serious turn...tension
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