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    Russo Dojo Events » Christmas Party 2008
Fun fun fun
The Albanese Clan
Russo Dojo Bartender
Special K and the Italian wanna-be
You are always on my mind (karate that is)
Hey....we are having a moment here!!
Happy Birthday Pitbull Senior
Bonne Fete Nathalie
Mother and daughter team
This is my scary face!!!!
The Gulston-Yakoob Family
Kids having a blast
MOM!! Can you focus on me for a second please?
I'm running out of finger nails
Hey....anybody see Stefanie???
We still think we are sexy bald dudes.
Ok are sexy bald dudes!!
Russo boys
Russo ladies
Russo kids
We are not fighters, we are lovers :)
Pat's imitation of Justin
Justin's imitation of Justin...the real deal.
Friends and training partners
Erica is behind me isn't she????
So here's the plan on how to steal the leftover cake......
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