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    Belt Passages & Ceremonies » April 2008 Ceremony
Sempai Jacob
Sempai Pat's supposed to be a straight line but we'll forgive you today!
Can you say trouble?
Nathan gets his orange belt.
The newest blue bars.
A round of applause!
Stefanie - Blue Belt
Waiting patiently
Sensei presenting Nicolas with his blue belt.
Is it my turn yet?
Sensei congratulating Arthur on a job well done!
Manseerat gets her blue belt.
The proud, supportive parents
Brigitte gets her yellow bar, Alex gets his yellow belt.
I say a little prayer for you
Jeremy and Vincent - Yellow Belts
Sempai Michel, Sempai Jacob & Sempai Pat giving out green bars.
Quentin (aka Q)
Pitbull & Erica...killer siblings
Lucas & Malik...tough friends
Sempai Pat, Sempai Michel, Sensei Junior & Sempai Jacob
We're tough, serious, mean...
...and playful too!
Tough as nails
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